About Pagoda Imports

Pioneers, Innovators, Leaders

Pagoda has earned its reputation for supplying the most authentic Wing Chun equipment available. Seen as the standard bearer for martial artists seeking quality training products, our pioneering designs have found their way to nearly every continent of the world.

Our equipment is engineered with a passion, and every single product we sell is made exclusively for us in our own workshops, and bears the hallmarks of a true piece of craftsmanship. Described as the “original Wing Chun Company” by our customers, we continue to innovate, pioneer and improve every single thing we do.

PAGODA first started back in 1995 with one very simple goal, to produce the finest quality handcrafted Wing Chun equipment available while keeping prices realistic. We decided everything had to be manufactured to the highest standard, using the finest quality materials, to produce a range of training equipment that was second to none.

We started by finding a team of craftsmen that were able to share our vision, and manufacture a range of Wing Chun equipment that would become synonymous with quality. Every single piece of Pagoda equipment has been tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that our products are engineered to last.

We’ve also listened and taken the advice from some of the most experienced Martial Arts experts in the UK and abroad, to help us produce the type of training equipment they really wanted for themselves, and something they would happily recommend to their students alike.

Since 1995, a Proven History

We’ve come a long way from when we first started Pagoda, and learnt an awful lot along the way, now we have workshops, factories and sword smiths all over the world that produce what we think is the finest traditionally made Wing Chun Kung Fu equipment available anywhere.

We take the quality of our products as seriously as you take your training, and if we can’t get excited about the equipment we are selling we just won’t stock it.

So when you need superior Wing Chun equipment, think PAGODA.

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