Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy


Pagoda Imports awesome freestanding Mahogany Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Manufactured exclusively for us in our factory in Vietnam, this Pagoda Wing Chun design blends the craftsmanship of our traditional wall mounted dummies with flexibility of the ingenious freestanding base to create a truly functional piece of training equipment that requires no fixings to the floor or wall.



Manufactured from solid Mahogany, the dummy body, arms and leg are crafted from carefully selected timbers to ensure unrivalled quality. These are then sanded by hand and finished and sealed with a low sheen lacquer to enhance the beauty of the wood. The new height adjustable stand has been designed to allow the dummy functional stability and can absorb pressure and force delivered from the correct angles whilst still retaining movement, and can be positioned to suit each individuals measurements. In addition to the metal base Pagoda has also designed additional weights that can be purchased to add further weight to the base of the dummy if required.

This design is perfect for any practitioner that does not have the space or permanent position to use one of our original wall mounted dummies, and for instructors looking for a portable Wooden Dummy that can be used for demonstrations or club training.


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