2 x Wooden Dummy Pads




Pagoda FREESTANDING & WALL MOUNTED Wooden dummy pads.

These pads come in a pair and are spefically designed to fit the Pagoda range of Wing Chun Wooden dummies,middle and high sections, these really are a must if you want to use your dummy with heavier strikes as the dummy pads will take the impact out of the knuckles of the fist much like a using a Pagoda Wall bag made to fit your dummy but filled with a high desinity foam over a high quality canvas with stainless steel D rings with fastening straps these Wing Chun Dummy pads are the in our opinion the most durable on the market.

If you have or are going to invest in a Pagoda Freestanding or Wall mounted Wing Chun Wooden Dummy then you should think about adding the Pagoda Wing Chun Wooden Dummy pads to your order.

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