New dummy stock!!!

16 Apr

Ok guys the latest news on where we are at with the new dummy stock! because we changed our manufacturer of the dummies we had a sample which was great best dummy ever awesome product! and was given dates for completion of our order however the factory made 50 great cores and then we rejected the second 50 as the lamination wasn’t to the Pagoda standard and small bits of timber were used that could of led to splintering of the timber. This has put us back behind unschedule unfortunately but we have guys on the ground who have just gone back to the factory required the new timber for the cores showed how to do the lamination process that Pagoda use again and everything is back on track!!!! the rest of the order is completed and of the highest standard we are just waiting on these 50 cores I do apologise I have never had a delay like this in the over 20 years over manufacturing wooden dummies but I refuse to take second best as Pagoda has also been the leader of Wing Chun equipment and will always maintain the highest standard I.m sure you would rather have to wait a few more weeks and get the perfect dummy that you will keep for ever!!!!

The date we are looking at is end of May beginning of June apologises for and inconvenience thank you from Pagoda Imports Wing Chun!!!!!

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